Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Where is DevOps Headed in the New Decade?


Being a successful business owner is no easy task. Embracing all of the technology and tools available on the modern market is crucial when trying to create a competitive edge. If you run a software development company, then finding a way to speed up the development process and make it more efficient is crucial. This is why using a methodology known as DevOps is crucial.

This methodology is based on principles involving teamwork, continuous deployment, and automated testing. Companies that embrace DevOps see a 63 percent increase in the quality of their software. As time goes by, more DevOps innovations are coming to light. Read below to find out where DevOps is headed in the next decade.

The Observability Factor

Seeing how well a particular app or software system is performing in a particular framework or technology ecosystem is important. The only way to keep a new piece of technology functional is by collecting logs and using them to fix problems. If you are looking for an aggregate logging program, this is what Loggly offers. With the information from these logs, you can increase the level of observability your app or software program has.

Some software developers fail to realize that providing ongoing troubleshooting and tech support services for their clients is a great way to keep them loyal. Instead of turning over a complicated piece of software to a business owner that will be unable to maintain it, you need to work on offer ongoing monitoring and repairs. Most customers will have no problem paying you more for these services, which mean you, can add to your bottom line.

Cloud Computer and Storage Will Become Commonplace

While several businesses and software developers are already using the power of cloud computing, it will become more popular as time goes by. Products provided by Amazon Web Services and Azure are currently being used to facilitate massive growth in the software development industry. Most developers realize that using these tools provides them with more flexibility and efficiency.

Not only is cloud computing great for the software development process, but it can also reduce your overall expenses. If you do not have to maintain and repair onsite servers, you can save lots of money. If you are in the process of trying to choose a cloud-based service provider, be sure to consider both the price being offered and the level of security.



Automation and Continuous Delivery

Most DevOps aficionados will tell you that the key to success is automation and continuous delivery. With a continuous delivery program, business owners can test code before putting into a particular development environment. Not only does this allow you and your team to catch coding issues before they cause problems, but it also makes the development process more efficient. In the coming years, we are sure to see continuous delivery programs that anticipate the needs of a software program and use this information to optimize it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

While finding and implement new DevOps tools and technology are difficult, it is worth the effort. Using the latest tools can help you increase productivity levels and minimize software functionality issues.