Friday 23 July 2021
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4 New iOS hacks make the master Instantly for better performance!

The latest version of the operating system used in iOS 12.1, Apple phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads are considered to be one of the most performance-focused software so far. The main motive of apple, behind introducing this iOS 12 is to amplify the usability of not just the new but also the old iPhone and iPad models. However, this nowhere signifies that iOS 12 is only about performance enhancement and is nothing interesting about the update. There are various interesting things to focus when it comes to the iOS update. iOS 12 may not be extremely flashy when compared to a few of the old releases, but it is nowhere seen to be a full update as well.  In this article, we will talk about a few of the most interesting hacks or tricks to master iOS. Top iPhone app Development Company listed below are a few of them:

4 new iOS hacks

  • Ditch those old scales

Apple has added an extremely useful Measure App in its latest edition of the OS. The app makes it easy for the users to measure any object just by pointing the camera in that direction or at the object. You have just drawn a straight line to measure objects and surface. The app helps to measure both ways, vertically and horizontally. Then, it automatically identifies the dimensions of rectangular items. It’s very easy when buying our new furniture or renewing your home. The app is one of the most talked about additions in the new Apple devices.

  • Make your own, personalized Emoji

People who are using TrueDepth camera technology get the option to create their emoji. This feature allows the user to make Emoji using iPhone. The Emoji that you will make will be known as a Memoji, which is nothing but a customized Animoji. You Emoji will resemble you completely. However, you have the option to customize it further. Inside the App Drawer, you will find various functions to change the hairstyles, accessories or even the eye color. You can even make 30-second videos using this and then can send it within the iMessage conversations. It is a great enhancement to Apple!

  • Enhanced Grouped Notifications

Grouped notifications are undoubtedly considered one of the best-known Banner features of IOS 12. This feature makes sure that your screen locks neatly and not cluttered. Whenever users receive multiple notifications together, especially from one app, then all those instructions are grouped nicely. It does not just keep the screen clutter-free, but at times you make it easy to hide the conversation unless you are ready to read it once. However, the process of expanding it is easy to tap on it, and it will expand then you can read all the individual instructions one by one.

  • Use Smarter Siri Suggestions

iOS search functionally is enhanced to a great extent since Siri added. Siri suggestions are extremely common and are used by iPhone users constantly. Siri is capable of doing a lot of activities, and one of them is putting a few of your most-used apps, and even some contextually apt apps easily within reach. So, you won’t even have to type to open them. Siri is even helping you take the next step. Whether you missed a call or you forgot to reply to a message, Siri will help you remember it with Siri suggestions.

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