Friday 23 July 2021
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All HR Functions Encapsulated in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is continuously upgrading, and Microsoft is adding more and more elements in this already amazing suite of various business tools. Especially, in the last couple of years, there have been a host of interesting additions in this Dynamics tool. However, Dynamics 365 was regarded as a CRM tool only, years back, but now, Microsoft is planning to make it an all-encompassing tool for each business function. They have already added ERP functionalities to Dynamics 365 as well, but that is not it, Dynamics 365 has also added specific functions in the solutions for various departments as well.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 have something specifically for the recruitment teams?

There are many shops for Microsoft Dynamics 365 recruiting teams. It is considered a human capital Dynamics 365 solution management with CRM Solutions. Recently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 introduced a Talent Application for Solutions. Dynamics Company has been planning to convert its customer relationship management, financial, human capital and way of organizing resource planning for a long time. And, now, they have successfully introduced dedicated apps and tools for each department, and the Dynamics Talent App is one of them.

With this, Microsoft is planning to make it easier for the firms to make it smooth for the companies to manage most of their operations using a single solution. Microsoft is already known as the top creator of the Fabulous Business Solution. Now, they are trying to be the best in the business by adding a lot more flavors and elements in their existing solution, and adding a specific app for Human Resource Management is one of the steps to make that goal.

Dynamics 365 HR Functions

How will Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent app benefit the HRs around the globe?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent application is one of the new additions in the Dynamics Suite. As the name suggests, there is an application that mainly includes recruitment for human resources related tasks. It is a very powerful standalone cloud-based HCM app. This application comprises of Human Resources administration, employee experience capabilities as well as workforce planning along with recruitment functionalities. The app becomes more useful for the team as it makes use of the Microsoft Common Data Services. These services use the data loading and extensibility model.

The application does contain plenty of new features, but some of the features which Microsoft Dynamics users have experienced earlier as well. A few capabilities specifically developed from the Human Capital Management capabilities of the old ERP app which is now known as Microsoft Dynamics AX. However, such functions are already present and will stay in other apps as well.

Microsoft has recently emphasized on a few of the most amazing, latest HCM workflows. Such as workflows are dedicated to candidate engagement. Also, there are some useful functions for an employee onboarding as well. These are some of the features that are especially imaginative for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent. Also, these functions leverage LinkedIn integration as well.

Candidate engagement made easier by Dynamics 365 Talent app

Every company wishes to hire only the best candidate. Nobody likes to waste time, resources and energy onboarding a candidate who may not be the right fit, but the cost involved is pretty high. Therefore, it is utmost essential to catch the fancy of only the top candidates. For this, the company has to offer a transparent and convincing experience to the candidates. They have to keep the candidates engaged. Also, employees should be excited during the recruitment process.

It helps the firms to engage the candidates nicely. Also, it enables the recruiters to depict the corporate culture and make a good first impression this is considered an important step.

The HR teams generally find them submerged in a deep ocean of challenges. The problems may start from less employee engagement to hiring the wrong candidates. However, the only good technology which empowers the talent teams is needed to win over all the obstacles. And this is what Dynamics 365 is all about. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, this app is unquestionably one of the best additions in this suite. It has a lot of potentials to help the HR teams work better. And the world is excited to see more improvements and advancements in the app.

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