Thursday 22 February 2024
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Android vs. iOS development? Which is better?

Choosing the right platform is the first step that makes half of your success. Do you know a simple fact that every 4th user or 23% of the total actually abandons iOS App Development Services for using a single application?

You can always lower your business risk factors by aiming your audience and the resources. It is very important to see the basic differences offered by both iOS and Android when you have little exposure and a good investment. So let’s begin with the basics that that will help you in developing a good business background.

Pros and Cons of Android Vs. iOS development

At the beginning of 2017, both Android and iOS shared an unbelievable piece of the total revenue of market and left 96% of the operating systems behind. Nevertheless, still, you have to make a clear decision of your own.

Business Aspects

What do you want your application look like? If you want it to be profitable then for sure you have to believe on simple facts what possible outcomes you can get from.

5 years back, as per Top mobile development company results in android worth more than 21.5% share of the total world of the mobile market. iOS was looser comparing it with iOS 61%. Now over just of the decade has passed and the situation has become completely changes. According to the Essential Productivity Apps for Web Designers in 2018 verdict In 2017 Android owes the total 64% of the total mobile market and iOS got doubled off the total it was previously.

In terms of software, development of iOS got much attraction as it offers both qualities to its users. But android again got more hyper in this perspective. Developers tend to move more towards android development rather than iOS.

In Terms of Revenue?

Everyone wants to develop a user-friendly application and yet profitable that is why people are more into Essential Productivity Apps for Web Designers in 2018. Maybe these two words derived you towards little obvious decision and you might think that its android? But you are little wrong here and its iOS development.

With more than 82% of the total growth and net income is being generated during past 2016 is by iOS development and gadgets. It is grown by more than 60% during the last year. This difference went quiet evident that many Apple users and App store is significantly sharing more than 64% of the total revenue. Number, in this case, speaks 1 ratio 1.


It may seem quite obvious to you that Android is making more money and downloads each year. But the real story is android gets its most of the users from the adds. More downloading means more users and more users meaning more earning from adds and this are how iPhone app development services providers, earn from them. Here profit or net margin for Android is more than iOS as 1:2.

Technical Aspects?

Technical aspects of both Android and iOS are very necessary. Perfect service mobile app and choosing one right choice out of them in this regard is quite necessary.

Development Complexity?

When it comes to development complexity of these both platforms android losses. There are many hidden perspective and difficulty that lies in this fragmentation. Apple has limited number of devices running on iPad, iPad, and iPod. Moreover, the most recent stats show that 50% of the total users update their operating system to the latest and most advanced version during the first week of its release and no surprise it has increased to the 80%.

It makes quiet live iOS development quiet easier. A development process flows quiet faster as you have to develop your own application for the narrow range of operating systems. But if we talk about Android development it is a complete mess. There are dozens of smartphones and tablets and application that are of different size and different operating systems. You have to fulfill every gadget’s requirements. So you need to get little assure about things while making a real-time decision and building application.

Android and iOS Adoption

They both offer quiet adaptive environment. As far as android or iOS is concerned they both offer flexible environment. iOS has strict policies results in delivering the quality application and Android accommodates changes easily. In this regard, it falls in ratio 2:2.

Development Time

After reading above complete package you might be able to guess well that android development offers you bit relaxed environment. Android gives you fragmentation comparing it with the Android developer and the iOS developer and it has least thing to do less work with you. iOs has complex features and yet challenging.

Some people say that 30 to 40% for the Android developers create mobile applications with extensive methods including JAVA and Kotlin. For this, the ratio lies in 3:2.

Development Cost or Investment

This is one of the most important questions that you see everywhere and yet won’t find any clear answer. Here is the complete note.

  • On one hand building or android application is more costly and has a quiet bigger number of operating systems or devices that you will experience ever. It can be installed on large computers and modern PC.
  • For iOS, Xcode is required for designing iOS app and that is only available for MAC. So if you are buying it all along with your iPhone and iPad you have to pay plenty of cost on it. Here, iOS and Android falls in ratio 3:4.



Till now it will seem that iOS application is quite faster and easier. Even when you are completely done with your application you are all set to conquer the market by just simply uploading it on App store. Google play store offers to allow you to upload your applications on off $25 payment and even without a very long and strict approval process. Your mobile application will get available within very few hours and can freely run a live beta test and then upgrade it within few hours after development.

If you are looking for the adventurous experience than the iOS is the best choice for you. No doubt it is followed by strict policies but has many perks that one can enjoy later once perfectly satisfies its terms and conditions.


These above-mentioned points will act as a great help to you while making a firm decision or choosing the top mobile development company. Both the sides are no doubt earning and playing enough with people demands and needs by satisfying them with a single click. For iOS App Development Services choose one this specific platform can give you enough revenue is not very sure fact.

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