Friday 23 July 2021
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Virtual Assistant For Your Over-Worked Ecommerce Site

When you are starting off – you are managing everything related to your business. Whether it is interacting with your buyers, uploading the information about the goods, managing your social medial clients and so on – in short, you look after everything from start to finish. But, as your business expands, you realize that you have less and less time for anything else in your life. All your waking hours are dedicated to your business. As a result you are burning out faster than a candle.

In today’s time, where everything is becoming virtual we recommend that you hire a Virtual Assistant to get the work done. A virtual assistant can practically work from anywhere. They will look after the day-to-day work and make sure that everything is in order. They are your ideal choice if you do not wish to hire a full time employee. Following are some of the things that you can ask your virtual assistant to get done:

  • Research Work: If you are interested in influencers and bloggers who will do the research work for you and come up with interesting content for your business, get the virtual assistant to do it for you.
  • Customer Service: They will help answer calls and replies to emails from your customers.
  • Social Media Management: Ask them to manage your social media pages, interact with your customers, and share relevant information on a timely basis with your customers so that you are always in the news.
  • Data Entry: They can help you with bookkeeping or managing data from different resources so that you have access to all he relevant information at the click of a button.
  • Cold Calling: If you hate calling up prospective customers to convince them to buy your products, make your virtual assistant do it. Provide him with a list of questions and common answers so that he can proceed with the cold calling on your part.
  • Store Management: Inventory management, fulfillment of orders and looking after the sales can be done by them.
  • Personal Errands: You can also hire virtual assistants to run personal errands for you. It can be grocery shopping or taking your parents for their doctor’s visit and so on.

What Is The Fee Structure Of A Virtual Assistant?

The fee structure of virtual assistant differs. If you scourge around a bit, you will find that American based virtual assistants charge more than the overseas one. Some charge by the hour while others charge as per the project or task that they need to get done. There are some who will charge a flat rate irrespective of the time required or the kind of work involved. Keep in mind that you will get what you offer. In order to save money, don’t compromise on the quality.

How To Manage Your Virtual Assistant?

Once the virtual assistant is onboard, you need to train him regarding the kind of work he needs to get done. Once they are on the same page, provide them with a preferred means of communication – email, Skype, or hangouts. Make sure that you provide them with limited access to your store, social accounts or any other platform where they will be working.

In these kinds of job, trust plays a significant role. Don’t get swayed away by what they say. Let their work do all the talking. Avoid sharing any of your personal login credentials and opt for restricted permission wherever possible.

The Significance of Time-Tracking

When you hire a virtual assistant you want him to work for a minimum of office hours (normally 8 hours). But, in reality it is not possible to find out how much they are working or the pace at which they are working and whether they will get the work done on time or not. Hence, it is best to enforce time tracking. You can opt for any of the free tools to find out about the time taken to get the work done.

Bottom Line

Funny as it may sound, entrepreneurship is not about controlling all the aspects but letting go of it as much as possible. The trick is to hire capable people who will work on your behalf and get the job done. Virtual Assistants is just one of them. Hire Magento Development Company From India today to give your over worked e-commerce site a sigh of relief.

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