Sunday 17 January 2021
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Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs in Digital Era

In this Digital day and age, it is important for the founders and top management teams of organizations that are only just born to be abreast with the latest advancements in the Technology niche. It is also imperative that these leaders be aware of the management skills they need to develop the right team with the right mindset of growth and success.

Today, the Internet holds vast amounts of information on all subjects, but it does not happen often that the information can be credited to be coming from a good source. We have compiled a list of good books that every entrepreneur and founder of a start-up should read to get an insight into the secret of success.

Machine, Platform, Crowd

Harnessing our Digital Future by Andrew McAfee and Eric Brynjolfsson – This book comes from the authors who have in their basket the bestselling book The Second Machine Age. These two know what it takes to gain power over the digitally active world of today. Through this book, they deliver a penetrating comprehensive analysis of today’s world as we see it, and also suggest steps to conquer it. The book contains a working knowledge of Machine Learning and AI and guidelines as to how budding organizations can leverage them.

The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

This book made name for its author. The story is about Timothy and how he turned around his supplements business into a lifestyle business. He tells how he was able to reduce his customary 40+ hour work week to only 4 hours and still earned profits. Timothy also explains in the book that he is a believer of the Pareto Principle- which states that for many events, about 80 percent of the effects, or the results, come from about 20 percent of the causes, or efforts. The book reveals in a great detail how Timothy transformed his business and shows you how you can apply the same principles to your business.

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

This is not a get rich quick guide. The book first focuses on the author’s background and covers his study of the average people who achieved great heights. The book makes you get out of the myth that the path to wealth starts a good job and investing money safely. DeMarco is reluctant to the thought of having enough money only when you are too old to spend it. Instead, he talks about the millionaire fastlane, the act of detaching money from time and achieving exponential growth in wealth.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz 

Ben Horowitz is an acclaimed Entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. Originally, this book was written for CEOs and the entrepreneurs who wished to be CEOs. The book revolves around the ways of becoming and being an effective leader, by deciding what needs to be done, by defining what needs to be done clearly, and by getting others to accomplish for you what needs to be done.

The Tipping Point

How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell – All Entrepreneurs think they have the next big idea. If you do, too, then this is a book for you. This book talks about the moment when the great idea, or a great trend, or a social behavior crosses a threshold and spreads to infinity. The phenomenon outlined in the book has altered the way entrepreneurs think about selling their products or propagating their ideas.

These books are a must for all Entrepreneurs as they offer fresh perspectives into their own subjects and attempt to change the way Entrepreneurs think about the everyday things like Marketing, Starting-up, Leading a team, etc.

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