Friday 23 July 2021
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Latest AX7 Release Of Microsoft Dynamics

AX is the Microsoft Dynamics cloud based product, which is a powerful ERP system that is now under continuous maintenance in the cloud. You have the power to relocate your on-premise dynamics AX legacy system to the cloud and maintain your present customizations and integrations.

You can fill out the short form to unhide the cost per user pricing detail for every user type. In this article, you will learn about the features and updates shared by Microsoft Dynamics AX7. With the release of AX, which is also known as Dynamics AX7, Microsoft brings simple, transparent, and flexible per-use licensing to people who have taken monthly AX subscription. The subscription of dynamics AX cloud will have the software licenses along with the Azure cloud infrastructure.

You can initially avail the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX licensing for cloud from Microsoft; however, it will be widely available to users six months from the initial release. And once it is done, enterprises with tight restrictions related to data sovereignty and compliance will be allowed to use AX release on-premise with MS Azure Stack. Or they can even release the latest version in the cloud using Rose ASP’s audit-ready hosting services of Dynamics AX.

microsoft dynamic AX

Azure Stack release is expected this year.

The pricing, hosted pricing and user licensing of MS Dynamics AX Azure

You can avail the pricing of Microsoft Dynamics AX in two ways- via Dynamics Enterprise Agreement (EA), or via a Cloud Solution Provider Partner (CSP).

Dynamics AX cost per user-

There are only 3 types of AX7 instead of 4 that were earlier available for AX 2012R3, i.e. Enterprise user, Task user, Device user, and Self-service user. Functional user is not available now. You can fill the form on the page of official website to unhide the Microsoft Dynamics AX cloud subscription Azure pricing list.

Features available in monthly Azure pricing with Microsoft-

  • Azure infrastructure, means you don’t need to pay extra for Azure
  • Production instance
  • 10GB storage; 2.5GB additional storage for every 20 users above the minimum 20-user
  • Sand Box tier 1 and tier 2 (Tier 1 includes one development/ TEST instance offered for the customer life; Tier 2 includes one standard acceptance testing instance for the first quarter)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cortana Analytics and integrated power BI
  • Dynamics 365 Rule The Future
  • Basic technical break/fix support for customer who buy through volume licensing with a response time of next business day during working hours. Customer can buy an additional support or it can be provided by the Dynamics Partner.

Add-ons include additional test instances and additional storage. Additional test instances will cost $400 for each month.

You can even avail a variety of premium sandboxes ranging from $1300 – $12000 per month.

Is it beneficial to subscribe to the latest MS Dynamics AX as a service?

The latest Dynamics AX Azure licensing and pricing bring more scalability and flexibility to bigger enterprise AX deployments. But there are customers who can find Dynamics AX 2012 R3 as the better option. For more details on this topic, you can read online articles that answer your question.

What happen if you keep AX 2012 in the cloud?

RoseASP will continue to support hosting clients with AX 2012 R 3 or older licenses.

All the insights shared in this story are meant for AX users. The details on pricing, licensing, and options available for clients; are shared by professionals. If you want to try the latest Dynamics AX cloud solution, you can read the quick start articles about MS dynamics AX.

For further queries, you can make comments below. We, Microsoft Dynamics experts will answer your questions in most satisfactory manner.

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