Friday 23 July 2021
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How Android Developers Can Mobile Their App Lifecycle?

It is obvious for users to expect more valuable, elegant, and feature rich applications because many companies have successfully delivered app products that quenched the users. Android development India company consider the emotions of the users and do the things accordingly. By providing them good user experience, companies come closer to their business goals, whether it is transforming the user experience, growing revenues, or increasing productivity.

Delivering such a unique experience can be challenging for developers. Mobile apps have to cope up with the new changes introduced in the run-time environment, new operating system releases, new gadgets and devices, etc. As per some resources Companies Invests in Mobile Apps So, f any mobile app fails to achieve these things, it can make user frustrated and at the end, the app will be abandon. Active applications always require regular care even if no new features are introduced.

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HPE mobile center is the single gateway that allows developers to redefine the mobile experience by providing a repeatable and predictable mechanism that assist in testing, monitoring, and enhancing mobile apps throughout its lifecycle.

HPE mobile center is a centralized hub that helps in managing devices, apps and the users. It offers multiple hybrid cloud options to developers. They can install this mechanism behind their firewall for more security and high-speed performance. Developers can connect mobile devices and emulators locally or distributed, accessed remotely through browser.

Device management with HPE mobile center –

  • Filter the registered devices per model, form factor, operating system, availability
  • Acquire full control over device, including system apps and remote restarts
  • Create device pools
  • Schedule device reservations

Apps management with HPE mobile center –

  • Upload apps manually
  • Deploy the apps automatically on selected devices and emulators
  • Prioritize development and testing

User management with HPE mobile center

  • Defining teams and users
  • Defining rules and permissions
  • View usage reports

Benefits of using HPE mobile center are more attractive. You do a lot of things with this mechanism. You can measure the user experience, determine performance offenders early, determine security vulnerabilities, accelerate manual testing, automate functional testing, plan, run, and scale mobile performance testing.

You can determine the performance of your application anytime, anywhere. HPE mobile center allows developers to monitor app actively. Its active monitoring feature stimulates user sessions to ensure availability and performance of the application. Developers can download and install its easy interface within minutes.

They can even gain insights into their user’s feedback. It is important for developers to understand that users always read the feedback stories and comments on the app stores before installing the application in their device. HPE mobile center offers analysis service that will scan end-user comments on the apps, arrange them and provide a weighted score. Developers can easily view the feedback stories of their customers. They can work on the concerns and deliver the best solutions to them.

This post was intended by Android app development India company experts. In this post, the experts have discussed about the HPE mobile center mechanism and its benefits. If you need more details, you can ask professionals for assistance.

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