Friday 23 July 2021
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The Bright Side of Xamarin’s Future

For some app developers, Xamarin is just another platform for building app; and for some, it is the platform for building apps. Xamarin offers all that its contemporary competitors offer in terms of features and therefore, there are some speculations about Xamarin’s future. All the competitors or to say popular app development platforms have their set of followers who stringently advocate how things would be easy if you use the platform. Similarly, there are dedicated Xamarin app developers who swear by what Xamarin offers.


This blog will analyze the future of Xamarin in the light of its offering and other important events that happened which paint a picture of rosy future for Xamarin.


Xamarin offers the comfort of creating cross-platform native apps with a single codebase. With the oodles of analysis tools and testing abilities, Xamarin is a choice of many iOS, Android, and Windows app developers. Xamarin knows that a great app is not just about a combination of codes, but about user experience and all the features are dedicated to users (both Xamarin’s and its clients).


Xamarin has had a successful journey so far and in 2016 it was acquired by Microsoft. With this coming, all Xamarin lovers are waiting to see what more will come. Xamarin has always been innovative and offered creative solutions for app development. But, association with Microsoft has for sure taken the reliability a level up.


If you have ever visited the Xamarin website, you will see their list of clients. All big names including Kimberly-Clark, Bosch, Kellogg’s, The World Bank, etc. Xamarin’s future is anything but bleak with so many big companies endorsing it and making use of all the amazing things it has to offer. While the big ones are listed, Xamarin claims to cater to a thousand of other companies.

Xamarin University and Test Cloud

Trusted Xamarin app developers are all gaga about the features that the platform offers and yes there are a lot more things that they talk about and it is the offerings like Xamarin University which is a full-fledged virtual learning environment that is dedicated to taking Xamarin learning experience to a whole new level. Another offering which is a Tect Cloud makes testing easier and effective.

The rise of apps and the continued innovation in the smartphone world does not seem to seize anytime soon. This continuous growth means a great potential for all app-building platforms and app developers who specialize in these.

In a matter of few years, the smartphone industry has become one of the top grossing industries with all big brands being associated with this industry in some way or other. Some companies are confined to creating phones, while others are investing in developing operating system. Some who cannot afford major offerings or do not have the technical force to give rise to technological breakthroughs are taking their chances in the app market. This means more business for app developers and a strong future for app developing platform—Xamarin.

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