Sunday 4 June 2023
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How To Be a Successful Android App Developer: 10 Tips

Today anyone with software engineering background thinks of a coding career in a futuristic field where growth and security ascertained. Among the many options, mobile application programming is the best bet for developers to go ahead and Android programming is more promising than the rests of fields.

Moreover, Android is an open source with an open platform to thrive without any deep pocket necessity. Therefore, learning curve for any developer is smooth and cheaper compared to the ultimate rivals iOS and Windows Phone like mobile platforms.

These are some reasons for that software developers opt for a career as an Android mobile app developer and seriously taking steps to achieve success. Thus, considering the demand, we have initiated this post to give some useful and righteous tips to be a successful Android app developer with a better & bright future.

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Learn How to Generate Right Ideas

Generating a right Android app idea that is feasible and viable is a little bit tricky thing, and all developers must learn this skill anyhow. I think mere market analysis at a glance is not sufficient to catch or get inspired a right idea; an Android app developer must study the bad app and try to learn some critical lessons from their failures too.

If you get inspiration for a decent idea, don’t fall in love immediately, instead take a different approach and try to invalidate your idea against the prevalent market conditions and feasibility on the real grounds.

If your idea is passing through the test, keep it and go ahead to take appropriate actions on it. Perhaps, it is a true way to generate a right idea for an Android application development.

Think of Simple and Affordable
Many Android developers, at the initial stage of their career, think of a big app idea and ultimately a big success. Unfortunately, it is not always happening in reality, and failure at initial stage may dampen your spirits to go ahead.

Therefore, think of small and viable app idea that again not requires a deep pocket to sustain in the fiercely competitive market. If you have a small and simple idea that can turn into a unique and intuitive app on Android devices, may reward you more than a big and costly one.

If your app idea can fascinate a user who had no clue that what software can do, but can immediately figure out how your app is working with the least efforts, it may prove a winning strategy for you.

Weight Your Passion
Passion is the key to success in the creation of something amazing and innovative so be passionate about your Android app building endeavors. You must be a significant user of the app and try to evaluate your app at this perception.

Thus, your passion may become an internal driver to yield a compelling and functional Android application that may completely fit into the winning criteria of your targeted audience.

If your tendencies are only earning money through each effort, you may hardly achieve expected levels of success. Therefore, indulge into the creation of whatever you like, you are passionate about without thinking of monetized rewards.

Focus on Design and UX
Try to create alluring and clean design that can grab the immediate attentions of onlookers when they first time encounter with your Android app. However, for longer retention of your app on the Android devices of your app users need excellent UX, consistency in experiences, high-performance, and exceptional usability.

Therefore, as an Android app developer, you must learn those things and implement all in righteous ways.

Stay Persistent
When iPhone was invented first, and Apple had opened the doors for third-party developers, many had achieved app success overnight, but today it is a nightmare, and none can become rich overnight.

If you aim to have a notable success in Android app marketplaces, you must spend some years and keep learning continue without feeling much disappointments from minor failures.

With each failure or success, you may learn valuable lessons and can update your next app performance for sure success.

Focus on Solving a Problem
End users of any app always look after solutions of their real problems. Therefore, don’t try to solve an assumed problem, instead run thorough research to find out pain points of your targeted audience and create apps, which can solve such every day of exclusive problems of the life and professions/businesses.

Thus, think of app usability, UX, and performance to achieve app success.

Have a Techie Co-Founder
If you look after a partner with a deep pocket, success is not guaranteed, and you need to bear the whole burden of app development, testing, marketing, and so on processes solely.

Therefore, think of a partner with a technical background and similar passions that you share. It may prove helpful to manage your team and adding some real values in your app development process if your partner is technically sound enough.

Take Marketing Seriously
Today millions of Android apps are available in various marketplaces including Google Play store in diverse categories and genre. It leads to stiff competition for your app even you have a unique idea and superb technicality involved in your app.

Therefore, don’t overlook marketing and distribution activities, strategies, and implementations for your app. Invest some fortune, time, and resources for app marketing campaign too.

Creating early buzz while you carry app development process and deploy the app in the market with the adequate campaign on various marketing fronts are essential to reach your target audience.

Pick Up Right Mentors
If you have not traversed a path, a guide makes the journey easy and fast. Therefore, selecting a right mentor among the senior app developers who indeed have achieved success in the app market, can help you to swim smoothly as far as your first app endeavor is concerning.

Your mentor may help you to fix real and achievable goals for you and also guide you how to achieve it all with the least hurdles.

Make Learning a Habit
If you think your higher degree in software engineering can grant you instant success, then you are making a big mistake. Formal education only teaches how to do coding in different technologies, but practically things are quite different, and only you can learn by working on it.

You must make up your mind to pass through trial and error efforts. You should keep your eyes open to learn upcoming technologies, tools, and techniques of designing, programming, testing, and marketing.

You should learn how to work in collaboration with others and accept various ideas coming as inputs from other developers and clients.

We have seen some ten tips, which are crucial for success in Android app marketplace at any level of the coder. However, it is not imperative for all to restrict up to ten, but some are more and vital on an individualistic basis.

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Tarang Vyash is a head of mobile development team at Perception System, the leading Android App Development Company. He has been in the industry for 15 years.