Wednesday 21 February 2024
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HL7 Interface Development Team Explains The Best Programming Language

There are Python, Java, and R programming language, how to know which is the best one for the project?

There is no one best programming language when we talk about data science. You can find many standouts, however, each with its own packages, specialties, libraries and extensions that further enhance their capabilities. In this post, we will discuss about three of the most renowned languages used by HL7 interface development experts – Java, Python, and R. Let’s discuss the basics of each of these languages and determine which is the best suited for your needs.


R- Love of Data Scientists

R is officially designed by statisticians as another open source option, which is cheaper than expensive suites of statistical software like MATLAB, and SAS. R is among renowned languages for data analyses. It is a tool designed with data analysis in mind.

Due to increased significance of data science to many businesses, R language is becoming more popular. It is different procedural language, which means it depends on a series of step-by-step sub-routines to execute a programming project. It uses procedures to operate on data, where procedures bundles of object-oriented programming and data together as objects parts.

The benefit of procedural programming is that it offers clear visibility into complex operations with more dependencies, which can be significant for several data analysis tasks. It is also supported by a vibrant community of developers, especially data scientists and academic statisticians.


Java is portable, robust, and scalable programming language that makes the platform ideal for developing enterprise-scale apps and supporting rapid growth. It also includes several tools, which are collectively called as the Java platform. Java has libraries, APIs, frameworks, plugins, Java Runtime Environment, and Java Virtual Machine.

Java is 100% object-oriented language that comes with all benefits of object-oriented programming, ranging from easy development to advance software to extensibility and flexibility.

Python- Known For Its Flexibility

Python is designed to manage heavy traffic sites. Python is fast and efficient and offer code readability. It also has a set of libraries that allow developers to perform wide array of tasks. Libraries like NumPy and matplotlib allow Python to perform several analysis and plotting functionalities of MATLAB.

To determine which one is the best suited for your project, you need to find the type of work you are trying to do. If your project is closer to statistics and mathematics, R is your best partner. If it is closer to programming, you can pick Python. If you are building enterprise size products, you can use Java. This is what HL7 interface development experts want to say in short.

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