Friday 23 July 2021
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EMRs Evolving The Healthcare – How?

The entire healthcare world is encountering frequent shifts while rafting with technology. IT leaders offering HL7 integration engine to their EHR customers for better performance.

EMRs enable healthcare providers to have a coded integrated healthcare system. It is true that such systems are becoming reality for patients and front-end healthcare staff.

It can act as game changer for this sector. But, with the arrival of HL7 technology, EMRs were launched that hold complete medical history of the patient in digital format, enabling doctors to access patient data securely and instantly.


There are numerous factors behind the growth of healthcare software solution market, such as global sales, increased physician usage, vendor switches, and a growing market.

   1. The EMR market will continue to grow

At present, EMR market is worth $26.5 billion. It seems that EMR market will continue to grow due to the influence of government incentives. With the unprecedented opportunity for providers to leverage on federal incentives, patient can avail quality of care, data safety, and best health care.

   2. EMRs are getting more physicians as users

In the US, currently the use of EMR technology is advancing and in near future, it will get more physicians throughout the world who will become EMR users.

   3. Quality of switches drive market growth

At present, more hospitals using EMRs are not happy with the performance and several have replaced their vendors. As the cost of changing systems is extremely high, many hospitals have resigned themselves to their EHR system, which is in operation.

This mainly happens due to lack of key features, complex UI, poor usability and hardware choice. However, quality of switches and cost will drive growth in future.

The future of EHRs seems secure if healthcare providers continue to provide custom healthcare software solutions along with integration technology. This technology is revolutionary and has potential to evolve entire healthcare world.

There are many vendors offering this technology at competitive rates. You can approach them and mail your requirements. These services are eligible for outsourcing.

So, if you are contacting an offshore vendor to outsource integration services in healthcare, you can avail it. Just be a little cautious and make deep research about the vendor.

Match his past experience and offerings with other HL7 integration engine technology providers. Compare the rates and pick the best suitable vendor for yourself/ your company.

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