Friday 23 July 2021
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Hire Xamarin Developers And Build Cross-Platform Apps

Technology is constantly evolving with time. It’s time to move ahead with latest mobile apps as your business need them to run across all major devices and platforms.

Still confused about platform to choose and deploy? Dilemma to choose in between native or cross platform apps is a real thing that happens to people and if you are among them, you can hire Xamarin developers and rest.

Xamarin is a multiplatform that builds apps natively. But if you plan to consider all three major platforms- Android, iOS, and Windows for app development, you need to make each app for each platform and for this, you must have multiple codebases and teams for each platform.

This consumes a lot of time and efforts of the teams and makes the innovative features sluggish. It is because developers need to focus on platform-specific issues instead of developing new features that could provide great user experience and make the app useful.

Companies need to use a cross-platform mobile app development strategy. They must take a sustainable way to create apps that will be easy to run on new devices. They also require efficient ways to support and maintain apps and have to be more agile and provide business value quickly.

cross platform apps by Xamarin

Xamarin- A Straightforward Path To Take

Xamarin offers a straightforward path that helps in bringing existing C# skills, tools, teams, and code to the world’s most desired mobile platforms. Xamarin development community has grown by 98% and the sales have more than doubled in the past year.

What is Xamarin.forms?

It is natively backed UI toolkit abstraction that lets developers to develop easy user interfaces that can be shared throughout iOS, android and windows phone. The UIs are rendered using native controls of the focused platform, letting xamarin.forms apps to retain the feel and appearance for each platform.

Xamarin.Forms offers a single API for developing UIs witj layouts and controls. The Xamarin.Forms apps are composed by using four main classes-

  • View – These classes are usually known as controls or widgets in other platforms. They correspond to text fields, labels, buttons, and other UI elements.
  • Page – it represents a single screen in the app. These are analogous to an android activity, an iOS view controller, or Windows phone page.
  • Layout – This is a specialized View subtype. Layout acts as a container for other Views or Layout. The subtypes of Layout have logic that is certain to organizing the child views in a specific way.
  • Cell – This cell class is an intended element used for items in a list or a table. It explains developers how each item in a list or table should be drawn.

When looking for customized xamarin apps, you must hire experienced xamarin developers who have great knowledge about these classes and can bring you best app solutions for your business.

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