Friday 23 July 2021
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Learn From Leading .Net Web Developers To Work With Unsafe Code In .Net

In C# programming, developers cannot work with pointers by default. They need to rely on the unsafe keyword to explain an unsafe context and write code that uses pointers.

Developers can take advantage of unsafe code to write unmanaged code that wouldn’t be managed by the CLR execution environment.

In this article, proficient ASP.Net web developers working with reputed .Net Development Company will tell you how to work with unsafe code in the managed .net environment.

First Of All, You Need To Know About Unsafe Code. What Is It?

ASP.Net web developers cannot verify the code safety by the CLR with unsafe code. In brief, unsafe or unmanaged code is executed outside of the CLR context. This code helps developers to use native functions with pointers.

When writing unsafe code, developers need to ensure the program doesn’t have any memory faults, security risks, and other things. They should use unsafe keyword to write the code. They define methods, types, and code blocks as unsafe with this keyword.

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What Are Pointers?

A pointer keeps the memory address of a memory location or another variable. If a developer wants for a pointer to show an integer variable, he should ensure that the pointer type should be integer.

There are three operators that they would rapidly using while working with pointers-

  • *
  • &
  • ->

How To Define A Pointer And Make It Point To A Variable Address?

There is a code to make you understand how to do it-

int i = 100;
int *ptr = & i;

In the below instance, you will learn how to use the unsafe keyword to display the memory address of a variable-


You can also compile the program that has unsafe code with the use of csc command-line compiler-

csc /unsafe myprogram.cs

You can mark a method unsafe using unsafe keyword-


To invoke the Compute function, take a reference of the following code-

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