Wednesday 21 February 2024
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What Are The Functions Of Hadoop Architect?

There are ways to become a hadoop architect from hadoop developer. The learning path shared by experts here is ideal for developers and engineers with programming experience.

First you need to get the certification for Big Data Hadoop developer. You will require skills of MapReduce, Pig, HDFS, Hbase, Flume, Zookeeper, Sqoop.

Once you acquire all required skills, you can apply for Apache Spark and Scala certification. By learning and grabbing this certification, you will be eligible to perform real time processing in Hadoop.

For real time processing, you need certification in MongoDB and Cassandra and learn about noSQL databases. After this, Apache Storm certification can be considered and you will learn skills for real-time event processing with Big Data.

Apache Kafka certification is also important that make you learn about high-performance real-time messaging system with Big Data that further makes you eligible for Impala certification.

In this way you can become a hadoop architect from hadoop developer. What you will do after that?Hadoop Architechure

What Is A Purpose Of A Big Data Hadoop Architect?

Generally, a big data hadoop architect addresses certain big data issues and requirements. If you want to be an architect of big data hadoop, you must know how to describe structure and behavior of big data solution with hadoop technology.

You will have to cover all the requirements of company and big data scientists and engineers and work as a link between them. Any company that desires to have a big data environment will need a big data architect who will be able to manage the complete lifecycle of a Hadoop solution- including requirement analysis, design of technical architecture, platform selection, design of application and development, testing, and deployment of the proposed solution.

This article was shared by Aegis Softtech experts to let you learn about functions of a Hadoop architect. They have also discussed about the way to become architect from Hadoop developer. You can follow the guide and transform your career in better way!

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