Tuesday 28 February 2017
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Posts by: Vijay Aegis

Big Data Analytics

How To Streaming Log File To HDFS Using Flume In Big Data Application

You will learn from big data analytics services providers about streaming log file method to HDFS with Flume. This post will introduce...


Data Partitioning in Big Data Application with Apache Hive

Big data consulting company professionals are introducing the concept of partitioning in big data application. You need to read the post...

Asp.Net MVC Development

Handling Razor Scripting Attack And SQL Injection In MVC

Most of the Hacking are happened in Web site through Text Area input control by Scripting Attack and SQL Injection through insert, update...


Oozie – Sqoop Job Failed When Executing It With Hue

In this post, hadoop big data services vendor shares experience of dealing with one of the bugs left behind by Big data ecosystems. This...

CRm Security

Sharing calendars with Office 365 & MS Dynamics CRM for Outlook 2016

This post will teach you the process of sharing your own calendar in Outlook with another person. Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers bring...

EMR development

Four Most Common Misconceptions About EMR Development Systems

Aegis Healthcare professionals sought to reveal 4 misconceptions about EMR and EHR development systems in this article. We will discuss...

Magento customization faster with caching and indexing

Making Magento 2 Faster: Caching and Indexing

You will learn about the caching and indexing used in Magento 2 by magento customization professionals to provide faster data look ups. You...

Android App Development

How To Implement TransitionDrawable in Android? – Part 2

In last part we show how to implement Transition Drawable? Now let us discuss Continuous TransitionDrawable here as a second Part.... web services

Why Are Custom Asp.Net Web Services Important For Ever-Changing Business Environment?

Now days there are lots of programming languages which are used in development of softwares and application. Among those one of the most...

Android App Development

How To Implement TransitionDrawable in Android? – Part 1

Android has support for different Drawable resources. One of them is TransitionDrawable. As name itself explains that it will transit...