Tuesday 28 February 2017
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Posts by: Vijay Aegis

Android App Development

How to Implement iOS ActionSheet in Android?

ActionSheet is one type of view which is basically introduced in iOS. It is much like Alert Dialog in android from which user can select...


How to Integrate Emoji Keyboard In Android

Emoji keyboard is the keyboard for android which allow you to input Emoji icons anywhere in a convenient way. Emoji icons are pictorial...

Custom-Made CRM Software—Is it Worth It-

Custom-Made CRM Software—Is it Worth It?

A CRM solution claims to makes work easy and improve your sales along with many other lucrative claims. These offering have made CRM...


CollectionView in Swift – Tutorial Alert

One liner: In this tutorial iOS developers India will make you learn how to use collection view like gallery view. This tutorial is...


Custom TableView Cell With Dynamic Size in swift

This article post shares the best knowledge about customizing TableView cell with dynamic size in Swift. iPhone app developers India have...


The Bright Side of Xamarin’s Future

For some app developers, Xamarin is just another platform for building app; and for some, it is the platform for building apps. Xamarin...


How To Create A Custom Dragging Views In Swift?

This tutorial is shared by iOS developers India to explain how to create a custom views with draggable functionality. You can follow the...


All FAQs Answered on iPhone App Development Company

We all want our business to grow. We work day night working hard, making strategies, planning to take our business to new levels. We even...

CRM dynamics

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM India Building Trust?

Relationships lead to good life. If we have proper connections it becomes easier for us to cooperate with each other. Transparency in any...


Handling of header row in Pig

This blog is intended by big data service offerings vendor that will going to tell you how to handle header row in Pig. You will also learn...