Tuesday 27 October 2020
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Was It a Good Decision to Open-Source .NET?

It has been almost two years that Microsoft took the open-source path after a decade of refuting the benefits of open-source platform. The Microsoft’s stand on open-source literally paved way for the success of platforms that decided to be open-source from the beginning.

There is a balanced debate on the pros and cons of open-source platforms and at least I don’t find any of the cons convincing enough to think that open-source is bad. And, this belief of mine is kind of ascertained by Microsoft’s .NET Core platform which is an open-source platform.

Open Source

Analyzing the Decision

Two years is a long enough period to measure the success of .NET Core as a platform.

  • .NET Core’s GitHub page was established in late 2015 and the kind of activity on the page has been remarkable. The increase in the commits show a positive trend and it seems that Microsoft’s decision of opting for an open-source platform is welcomed.
  • The number of developers associating with .NET Core is increasing which points to the success of the platform. One of the benefits of an open-source platform is the community which actively contributes to the development and more developers means a growth for the platform.
  • Another measure of success in the revenue generated for the company. While open-source is not the ideal place to look for returns, it certainly contributes indirectly by increasing affiliates who will download Microsoft offerings to be associated. Although, the returns will be marginal, but then at least it is better than nothing.
  • The development suggestions and contributions through community forum has opened up a new arena for Microsoft. Microsoft probably houses the best talent pool but then the Software world is on a constant look out for life changing ideas which is more likely to happen with wider associations like an open-source platform.
  • Another important aspect of measuring the success is the intent of establishment. Scott Hunter who is the manager for .NET Core was reported saying that Microsoft wanted to bring in new people and if that is the core intent than Microsoft has been successful without fail.

Microsoft Is Not the Only Benefiter

There are many development companies (say for example an ASP.NET development company) which benefits from the decision. The progress in the .NET Core platform enables such companies to develop better solutions for their clients without any restrictions. If the developers get stuck, they have a community to fall back on which can provide solutions which were previously unknown for Microsoft products.

This move has also opened the gates for developers who did not appreciate closed-platforms. There were people who appreciated .NET Framework but were wanting to make use of platforms other than Microsoft. The cross-platform expertise is what they possessed and that is what Microsoft provided with .NET Core.

If you own an ASP.NET development company or are a developer who has affiliated with the .NET Core community, then we would love to hear your thoughts on how the decision to go open-source is good or bad. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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