Wednesday 30 September 2020
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Leading .Net Development Company Experts Make You Learn To Internationalize Your App

Localization and globalization are the significant concepts used by .net development company experts to internationalize their apps. In globalization process, they target at several cultures, whereas in localization process, they customize apps to bring support for a specific culture and locale.

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There are in total five steps used by .net developers to internationalize their apps in .net-

  1. Determine the localizable resources
  2. Develop resource files for every locale required by the app to bring support for
  3. Read the resource data in the app where required
  4. Compilation of the resource files should be done to develop satellite assemblies
  5. App deployment

Developers Can Leverage On Following Namespaces

  • Resources
  • Globalization
  • Text
  • Threading


System.Globalization namespaces are used to culture specific information.

System.Resources are used for creating, manipulating, and using resources.

System.Text are used to signify Unicode, ASCII, and ANSI character encodings.

System.Threading are used to perform the job with multi-threading.

What Is A Resource File?

A resource is a piece of information that is non-executable and advantageous. General instances of resources include locale specific icons, strings, cursors, bitmaps, etc.

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The files in which these resources are stored named as resource files. For internationalizing the app with .net, developers have to leverage resource files. These files are purposely intended to store data specific to a specific locale.

There is a separate resource file for every locale, which means they can use one resource file per locale.

There are two types of resources that are used for globalization in .net-

  • Local resources
  • Global resources

Local resources are used by a specific web page.

Global resources are used by whole application.

Developers can build resource files with Visual Studio IDE or even with a program. To build a resource file in visual studio IDE, there are certain steps to follow-

  1. Open the IDE of Visual Studio in the system
  2. File -> New -> Project
  3. Solution Explorer -> project -> right click on it
  4. Add new item
  5. Select general form of the list
  6. Select resource files to build new file for storing the required resources
  7. Specify a name for the file and click OK.

In this way, a new resource file is created and added to the project.

For creating Global resources, developers can locate them in the App_GlobalResources. Once the file is created, they are able to add data in their resource file using the Resource Designer window.

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